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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rail Tours in Portugal

Rail Tours in Portugal 

Out of intercultural exchange and mastery of the seas, Portugal built an empire that spanned the globe. Architectural ruins and other cultural touchstones show the determination of this proud people. Board a train to travel through Portugal and you open yourself to a world of sleepy countryside and long afternoons in the sun. The undulating landscape of the Douro Valley is best seen by a lazy boat cruise topped off with a glass of Port in a local wine cellar. Take the train and travel to Portugal's capital of Lisbon and you find a city that is easy to explore by tram or on foot.

Portugal & Douro 2013

A rail and cruise tour through the Douro Valley

Flowing from northern Spain to the ocean in Portugal, the Douro River carves our route through a rolling landscape of vineyards towards historic Porto. We travel onwards to vibrant Lisbon, with its Moorish influences and charming streets.

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