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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Welcome to Aiken South Carolina USA

Aiken is rich in arts and diverse culture, historic parks and homes that attract tourists from around the world. Some of recreational activities include tennis, golf, horseback riding, bike pathways, polo, soccer, baseball, basketball and football. 

Aiken has a broad range of events include theatre, music and dance performances showcasing local talent. Aiken offers visitors the experience of the Aiken visitor center and Train museum and The Center for African American history, Art & cloture.

Aiken support events such as Juilliard in Aiken, the battle of Aiken, Jazz festivals and Bluegrass music in addition to having great places to dine.

A blend of historic and newly established restaurants provides a strong entertainment base for visitors and local residents.

In Chrismas lights in Hopelands Garden which is a sight to see. These are many reasons you will enjoy Aiken and want to return. 

Aiken state park 

Located in Windsor, South Carolina, Aiken state park is one of 16 South Carolina state parks. This thousand acre park was build by an African American detachment of the CCC.

Aiken state park is a place to escape the hustle and the bustle of the city and enjoy outdoor recreation. The park has three mile long hiking trail called the Jungle nature Trail. This flat, easy trail is a great way to explore the park. 

Aiken park has a canoe and kayak trail along the south fork of the Edisto river. This trail winds for 1.7 miles down the river between two canoe landings and allows visitors the experience of paddling the river without having to take a day long trip. Canoes are available for rent in the park office.

The swimming area at Aiken state park is open and allows visitors to cool off in the park lake as well as picnic along the shoreline. Three different picnic shelters are also scattered throughout the park and can be reserved for group outings. As well playground area for children.

Fishing is popular activity at Aiken stTe park. Fishing boats can be Reyes through the park office. Required a valid fishing license.

Epona is a clothing and accessories boutique with an equestrian theme that runs through their collections of wearable art, costume jewelry, giftware and art. Epona taken from Celtic goddess, who was the protectress of the horses, riders and their foals.

Address : Epona on Lauren's 137 Lauren's street SW Aiken sc 29801

Monday, October 19, 2015

Holiday to die for

Halloween is almost here! Haunted destinations to whom are feeling brave this season! A trip to one of these spooky spots may really be a holiday to die for!

The ghosts at this notorious prison are anything but friendly. Once the holding place for some of America’s most infamous criminals, dozens of prisoners met an untimely end on this island. Their souls are said to restlessly wander the cell blocks, chilling visitors with ominous whispering, blood-curdling screams and sudden drops in temperature.

Voodoo, vampires and lost souls can all be uncovered in New Orleans. Many of the local spirits have a friendly reputation, entertaining the living with bursts of music and laughter. The exception is those that haunt the infamous LaLaurie Mansion, where grisly scenes of torture were discovered at the home of one of the city’s most well known socialites.

Get ready to be bewitched by the city of Salem. Famous for igniting the mass hysteria that swept America, the Salem Witch trials resulted in the imprisonment of hundreds of people and dozens of executions. Legend has it that the souls of those wrongfully sentenced now haunt the streets, searching for justice.

 This hotel was the inspiration for The Shining and has several eternal guests. Spirits haunt this hotel's halls, spreading mischief and scaring unsuspecting visitors. The echoes of ghostly piano music can be heard from the Concert Hall, as one of the hotel's original founders, Flora Stanley, returns decades after her demise to tickle the ivories.