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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Greening of the mountains festival Sylva NC USA

Sylva is the County Seat of Jackson County, situated amidst the Great Smoky Mountains. Sylva downtown, a Main Street community, has many restaurants and shops along its tree-lined streets. Sylva, 

North Carolina is the hub of cultural activities and recreational resources. Downtown Sylva has independent businesses, unique restaurants, and quality events for families and visitors. we came to visit here during the festival and it was a very new experience to me.    


The way  there was an amazing sight to see, you can`t remove your eyes from the window... the mountains in the background are amazing. The Greening of the Mountains festival started the moment we parked our car at the nearby Blue Ridge Inn and exited the vehicle. The senses are inspired immediately by the sights, sounds and smells before me. There are two streets lined with canopies, vendors and one sound stage per street on main street and the west side street parallel with 
main street.  

 Starting on the west side street my mouth begins to water from the variety of smells coming from the many different food vendors. As we dive into the crowd of people, our eyes are dazzled by all the many different arts, crafts and agriculture exhibits. Nearing the sound stage (music stage) we have heard since first exiting our vehicle, we find a wonderful delight to the ears as a blue-grass band entertains with much enthusiasm.  

  After stopping to watch and listen and snap a few photos, Eden stops me from continuing on and asks me, "What is that?" I say,"What is what?"  She points to a child eating a Funnel cake. "You`ve never had one?" I asked, as she shakes her head no. "Oh-oh, what a treat you`re in for today", I say smiling. After a few seconds of looking around, a couple selling the Funnel cakes are spotted. After buying the 5$ treat, the expression on her exited face was priceless, and the cake was delicious as well.   Walking from the west side street we have to walk over a set of Rail-Road tracks to get to the main street side of the festival . At the mid point (halfway) of the tracks I paused, to reflect on just how important these tracks really were back in the day... the heart of towns being the tinny cities, the smalls roads being the veins, and the Rail Road tracks being the main arteries for the small towns.


 Moving on to main street we find many more different and unique vendors, canopies, arts and craft exhibits.    


 Nearing the end of our journey, I just have to mention the nice surprise we received from First Baptist Church of Slyva, which was a cup of free popcorn for the two of us.     The court house is the most photographed area, it`s built on a hill high above all... and has very nice architecture.

After a few pictures at the court house together and not far away from our starting point, I turned around and smiled and said to my self ... there is a Sylva in many states, if only you know where to look.    

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