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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hotels in Varna Bulgaria

 Hotels in Varna Bulgaria

With a population of just over three hundred thousand people, Varna is Bulgaria’s third largest city after Plovdiv and Sofia. This major tourist destination is located in a deep valley nestled between the Avren Plateau and the Frengen Plateau. For visitors spending a weekend, Varna will delight them with its wonderful groves, vineyards, gardens and spectacular Varna hotels. Hotels in Varna and Varna cheap hotels are easy to locate. The discount hotels Varna has available are perfect for visitors on a budget or that would rather spend their money on things other than deluxe lodgings. Built in 1884-1886, the Varna Cathedral is a monument of culture with beautiful Byzantine architecture, wood carved iconostasis, and spacious interior. The seven-kilometer long Varna City Park is a wonderful place for visitors to walk or bike along the beach and follow pathways adorned with statues and flowers. The tiny fairground and zoo are great place for children to play. Another great park for visitors with children is the Primorski Park with many activities and sights for children, such as trains, small cars and trampolines to jump on.

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