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Monday, July 8, 2013

Hotels in Porec Croatia

Hotels in Porec Croatia 

Porec is considered to be one of the most popular and place that is visited by tourists most on the Istrian Peninsula. This two-thousand-year-old town can be found in the area that makes up the northern shores of the Adriatic Sea. Porec has a small population of inhabitants that total roughly about 18,000 in number. This town is known for producing fine wine, olives and grapes. For a true beachcombing weekend, Porec is your number-one choice. As it also possesses open beach and sun. Hotels in Porec are also a true escape in that they offer many amenities. Porec hotels include Hotel Porec and Hotel Laguna Istra. Discount hotels Porec can be found as there are many Croatia travel specials. Porec cheap hotels can also extend to rooms in home and in villas. Porec has it all for the potential tourist. .

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