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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hotels in Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hotels in Mostar Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Mostar is a city and municipality in Bosina and Herzegovina, as well as being Herzegovina’s most important city. Since the end of the war between Bosnia and Serbia, the government has initiated a policy of national equality between Croats and Bosnians. In spite of this, both the streets and the support of football clubs tend to be supported along ethnic lines. In 1468, Mostar was taken as part of the Ottoman Empire, and in the 17th Century it became the empire’s chief administrative city. In 1878 Mostar became part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, before becoming part of Yugoslavia in the early 20th Century. After 1992, Bosnia and Herzegovina declared their independence of Yugoslavia, and eventually gained control of the town. The old 16th Century bridge is worth seeing if you are in Mostar, as is the Cejvan Cehaj Mosque, also built in the 16th Century. The Mostar cultural centre is worth a visit, and so is the city park of Zrinjsk. If you like shopping, then the Mercator shopping mall is the place to be. Fly into Mostar Airport and then be transferred to your hotel in the city. and make reservations for hotels in Mostar


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