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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hotels in Chania Crete Greece

Hotels in Chania Crete Greece

Chania is one of the municipalities on the island of Crete. The county is the capital of the four regions of Crete. The population of Chania is around 50,000. Due to the climate there flora of Chania is extremely diverse and bountiful. There is the growth of many unique herbs that are believed to have healing powers. With plenty of attractions and surrounding villages, there should be no problem finding entertainment for the weekend.

The hotels in Chania can offer services and amenities to suit the needs of any traveler. Chania hotels are available and can cater to any budget range. Staying in Chania cheap hotels is an excellent way for travelers to stretch their budget. The Archeological Museum in Chania offers a full history of Chania from the Neolithic to the Roman times. The current museum is housed inside the Old Catholic monastery, which is now the church of Saint Francis. The Chania Maritime Museum is known for its depiction of the history of the Battle of Crete. It is located at the Venetian harbor which makes it a popular destination. The Kioutsouk Hassan Mosque dates back to the 17the century. The building has often been used for temporary things, but is currently a location for events. However, it is one of Chania’s most famous attractions because its photo appears everywhere.

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