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Monday, December 17, 2012

National Palace of Pena Portugal

"I must just observe that the village of Cintra in Estremadura is the most beautiful in the world." So wrote Lord Byron to his friend Francis Hodgson 1809, and if we assume that good things are getting better and better with age, no wonder UNESCO took this tiny gem under its auspices. Don't be mislead by its size - Sintra has a profusion of attractions, some as obvious as various fish specialties, some only discovered if you go off the beaten path. But no matter where you are within the city bounds or which direction you're approaching them from, your eyes will inevitably rest on the Pena National Palace overlooking Sintra from up the hill and playing a romantic game of color with the Portuguese sun. Do make an effort that it takes to climb Serra de Sintra for the palace's splendor outshines everything the whatsoever brilliant town has to offer.
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