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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Haifa Best Hotels Deals

Haifa Best Hotels Deals

Haifa is the main city in the Carmel District of Israel. It is a busy seaport, and Israel’s third largest city. Discount hotels in Haifa cater to leisure and business travelers from all over the world. The city stretches from a coastal plain along the Mediterranean shore to the heights of Mount Carmel where the most affluent neighborhoods are located. You can travel up and down the mountain in an ultra-modern cable car service.

For visitors who come to budget hotels in Haifa, the main attraction is the Baha’i Complex. This extraordinary landmark includes the golden-domed Shrine of Bab, the magnificent Baha’i Gardens, the Universal House of Justice, and the Baha’i International Archives, which is modeled after the Parthenon in Athens. You can stroll through the gardens free of charge, but guided tours must be booked 24 hours ahead. Haifa has many other sites worth seeing. Among them are the Haifa Museum of Art, which has an emphasis on Israeli art; the Tikotin Museum of Japanese art which also has a library of 3,000 books; the National Maritime Museum, which tells the story of the 5000 year history of seafaring on the Mediterranean; and the Mane Katz Museum where you can see the works of the famous artist.

Mount Carmel National Park is Israel’s largest park. Here you can see the Caves of the Carmel Ridge, which were inhabited by humans 100,000 years ago. Children love the Natural Museum of Science, Technology and Space, which has some great hands-on exhibits.

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