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Monday, July 18, 2011

Thailand Package tour with Singapore and Malaysia

Thailand Package tour – Combined with Singapore and Malaysia

Author: Ajit Balaji

Thailand tour packages designed by travel agents are generally well organised by selecting handpicked hotels and transportation for their sightseeing. The popular destinations in Thailand are Bangkok known as the city of angles, Chiang mai, Pattaya, phuket, koh samui, koh chang and Krabi. Since Thailand is bordered with Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Burma and China which makes the tourism opportunity more by visiting these destinations in their customized itinerary. Thailand tour combined with Singapore and Malaysia is considered as a very common itinerary for people who travel from South Asia where western people spend more time in enjoying the natural beauty and the silent beaches of Thailand for more days rather than rushing to visit more countries. The land filled with culture is known for its festivals like Songkran where foreigners immerse themselves in this water throwing festival and enjoy their day in Thailand.
Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand destinations can be covered in 8 Nights 9 days or 9 nights 10 days in regular itinerary. The places covered are Bangkok, pattaya and phuket in Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Cameron island and Genting island in Malaysia and Sentos island, night safari and underwater world in Singapore. The itinerary mentioned above can be customized based on the traveller requirements. This is a very common itinerary for the people who want to cover more destinations especially travelled by more Indian. Thailand tour packages from India covers Thailand along with Singapore and Malaysia is more popular and frequently sold package. More countries can also be covered along with Thailand because it abut with Cambodia, laos, Burma and china.
Most foreigner enjoy their stay in Thailand for a longer period of time to enjoy the wonderful beaches, astonishing mountains and silent lakes.Thailand is a destination for honeymooners favoured by lonely island beaches where they get their privacy for spending time together. Thailand is famous for its temples and unforgettable attractions where their journey will be memorable. The top 5 Thailand honeymoon tourism spots are Krabi located in the Andaman sea, Ko Samui largest island in the Thailand with great coast covered with coconut trees and amazing hills,Phuket with popular beaches such as kamala and patong, Chiang mai a place full of history and culture and khao Yai with high mountains and villages.
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