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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Classical Tour Jordan Aqaba-Petra-Amman

Classical Tour Jordan Aqaba-Petra-Amman
04Days – 03Nights

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Nuwiebah – Aqaba Port – Wadi Rum ON (D):
Evening time arrival in Aqaba Port, where you will be met by English-speaking representative who will assist you with getting your visa, retrieving your bags and going through customs. You will then be transported to Wadi Rum where you will spend unforgettable night under a blanket of stars at our Bedouin camp includes BBQ dinner.

Day 2: Wadi Rum visit – Petra full day visit & ON (B)
Today you will explore the wild desert landscape of Wadi Rum, which fascinated the British liaison officer Lawrence of Arabia. Describing Wadi Rum as "vast, echoing and god-like" we believe he could not have said it better. We will drive for two hours in a 4-wheel drive jeep through the desert to see Lawrence’s spring. We will pass majestic mountains and explore a gorge with some ancient rock drawings.

At 11:00am, we will set out for Petra. The Rose Red City. The city is thought to have been first established in the 6th century BC by Nabataean Arabs, a nomadic tribe who settled in the area and laid the foundations of a commercial empire that extended into Syria. Despite successive attempts by the Seleucid king Antigonus, the Roman emperor Pompey and Herod the Great to bring Petra under the control of their respective empires, Petra remained largely in Nabataean hands until around 100 AD, when the Romans diverted to the north the caravan routes that had brought Petra its wealth.
It was still inhabited during the Byzantine period, when the former Roman Empire moved its focus east to Constantinople, but declined in importance thereafter. The Crusaders constructed a fort there in the 12th century, but soon withdrew, leaving Petra to the local people until the early 19th century, when it was visited by the Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. The approach to Petra is unforgettable, made either on foot or horseback through the Outer Siq and then on foot through the Siq itself. The Siq ends in an open space which is dominated by the Treasury, Petra’s most famous building. A local guide will give a brief history of the city. You will also see Pharaoh's Castle, the Triumphal Arch, the Amphitheater and Monastery. You will be then transported to your hotel and assist you with check-in.

Day 3: Petra – Madaba – Nebo - Dead Sea – Amman ON (B):
Morning time, we leave Petra toward Amman. Your first visit is to Madaba, where the St George's Greek Orthodox Church has a famous mosaic on the floor. Made during the 6th century AD, the mosaic shows the pilgrimage from the surrounding areas to the Holy Land. You can even find Egypt on this map!

Your next visit recalls the story of Moses and his journey to the Promised Land. At Mount Nebo there is a Memorial for Musa (Moses) and a 4th century church which Italian Franciscan priests excavated and restored in 1933. The panoramic view overlooks the Jordan River Valley, the Dead Sea, Jericho and Jerusalem. In the Bible story, Moses does not ever arrive at the Promised Land, but he is able to see it from a distance before he dies. It is from Mount Nebo that one can see it in the distance (on a clear day). It is also believed that this is the burial place of Moses.

We will then continue towards Dead Sea. The lowest point on earth and the largest natural spa in the world, the Dead Sea is one of the world's true natural wonders and a unique destination. It is 417 meters (1,373 ft.) below sea level. The mineral-rich waters and mud flows have natural health and beauty benefits acclaimed globally. Recognized as a mini-universe with its own micro climate, the Dead Sea is the saltiest and most mineral-laden body of water in the world. The unparalleled buoyancy and warmth of the water has everyone floating. Its health promoting thermo-mineral springs and world famous cosmetic black mud have been praised by visitors for millennia. Relax and treat yourself to all it has to offer.
Late Afternoon, arrival in Amman and time to get situated in your hotel.

Day 4: Amman to AMMAN Airport for final departure (B):
You will be transferred to Queen Alia International Airport for departure with our Assistance by our English-speaking representatives.
(End of Program)

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